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Fantasy Football Sleeper, Rams Vs. Cowboys: Steven Jackson

Is Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams a decent fantasy option this week?
Is Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams a decent fantasy option this week?

Remember the old days, when the St. Louis Rams would get pummeled week after week? Oh, those days are still here. I was actually talking about the old days when that happened to the Rams, but you could always count on Steven Jackson for a pretty decent game. That might be the case this week. 

Unfortunately, the Rams face the Dallas Cowboys who have one of the better run defenses in the league, the best by some measures. Dallas has give up yardage on the edges to opposing running backs, which is where the Rams will be looking to do much of their running, or at least it should be. 

The Rams game plan with A.J. Feeley ought to feature a fair amount of Steven Jackson, combined with some of that dink and dunk passing that had fans tearing their hair out last year. It's what Feeley does well. He'll be making quick throws to his receivers, one of which should include Jackson. If they can get the screen passes ironed out this week, Jackson could pick up a fair number of yards in this game. 

I don't think the Rams offense will be all that different from the one that's scoring 9 points a game with Feeley. It's not as though Bradford has been lighting things up on his own. With Brandon Lloyd in the mix, maybe it will be a little better since they have a decent receiver in the fold. Probably not, but sticking to the basics is all they can do this week.

It's going to be a long, long afternoon for the Rams in Dallas. Hopefully, Jackson can pick up where he left off against a tough Green Bay.