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TST Week in Review 10/17 to 10/22


It's been a busy week here at TST. There has been a lot of news regarding the Rams- Brandon Lloyd, Sam Bradford, AJ Feeley have all had their names in the headlines. Hit the jump to check out the best stories from the week.

The Front Page


Brandon Lloyd Heads to the Rams

After being traded for a spare battery and some dryer lint, Brandon Lloyd heads to the Rams and is expected to start against the Cowboys. Mike Sims-Walker was cut and ended up with the Jags.

DeMarcus Ware- Player to Watch

We've all seen what DeMarcus Ware is capable of doing. Tevin highlights one of the key match-ups in this article. Can the underachieving tackles keep Ware and the Cowboys attack at bay? Check out the article to see the breakdown. Also check out the other side of the coin with the breakdown of Brandon Lloyd

Sam Bradford and Rodger Saffold- Injured on the Same Play

VT checks out the play that injured both players. Talk about irony: a mere two feet separate the two feet that were injured. It appears that Sam Bradford won't be available for the game against the Cowboys either, which sucks.

Dez Bryant says Cowboys are Unbeatable

I would feel that a 2-3 team is unbeatable to, if I had no math skills. Unfortunately, like so many others, I am bound to the physics based world we live in. He's a real gem that one.

2012 Mock: Blackmon vs. Jeffery

Take your picks people! It's reasonable to assume the Rams will draft one of these two players next April. 3k also has the defensive tackle big board for 2012 up. Great reads if you are a draftnik.

Opponent Proponents- Blogging the Boys

3k chats it up with Dave Halprin from Blogging the Boys.

What if the Rams Pick #1

 The Hair certainly knows what he'd do. You just can't pass up the Luck goodness.


Old Blue Eyes

Speaking of Luck, Doug's article talks about that very thing. No, not the chosen one. The old meaning  of "Luck".

Fantasy Football

Mike has his picks up for who he thinks will help out your football team.  


1-10: Rams Chances of Winning Against Dallas

Who knows what will happen? The TST squad tries to quantify the chances of beating Dallas.

TST Picks Week 7

If there is one thing I know, it's that you shouldn't trust us with picking your teams. At least me, as I went 2-11 last week. Ouch. This week Sergey joins us and attempts to take us down.

Will Jason Smith last?

Ryan takes a look at everyone's favorite #2 overall draft choice, Jason Smith. Will he stick around, or will the 10 million dollar salary next year force him out?

TST Power Rankings Week 7

Take another quick look at where everyone stands. Can the Rams (32) have a chance against the Cowboys (20)?

Austin Pettis Going Back to Square One

Ah the power of cryptic twitter messages...


The FanPosts

Is it up to Magic to Save the Rams Red Zone Offense?

At this point, anything could help. Check out Brawnwitch's post. You never know, it may help score touchdowns.

More Rebuilding...

zachmann21 thinks the Rams are rebuilding, yet again, in the draft. I wouldn't mind Chris Polk though...

Sam Bradford vs. Andrew Luck

ramswo85 thinks it would be great to have a fiery QB rivalry in the division. What, Kevin Kolb isn't doing it for you?

You Lack Discipline!

Taosman thinks the Rams struggles relate to them not paying any attention. Hopefully the addition of Brandon Lloyd can help save one of the struggling groups.


That's it for now! Get ready for another football day tomorrow (I know I am). Asta La Vista Baby.