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2012 NFL Draft notes - afternoon college open thread

The afternoon chugs along with another ACC matchup on my watchlist: Ga. Tech-Miami.

The Yellow Jackets are one of the most polarizing teams in college footballl, a talented triple-option offense with enough talent on defense to not come off as gimmicky. Tech was rolling through a very successful season until a loss to Virginia last week derailed one of the more interesting stories of 2011.

Why watch if you're a Rams fan? More WR scouting. Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill is a great prospect to focus on. Is he more Demaryius Thomas or closer to Calvin Johnson? People who just go off stats and highlight will obviously gravitate toward the latter.

The true junior is averaging more than 30 yards per catch, since Ga. Tech runs the ball five times in a row and then throws a bomb to Hill. If you're not aware of the disparity, just check them out: Georgia Tech has run the ball 386 times this season and passed it just 88 times (catching only 43 of those bombs).

Miami mostly offers defensive prospects, but with sophomores like RB Lamar Miller and OT Seantrel Henderson, the offensive futures at Miami are selling highly.

Yes, I considered putting LSU-Auburn on the watchlist, but I've had LSU on there twice already and Auburn in week 3. If you want to see what teams have been listed in what weeks, scroll to the last sheet in the workbook.

And as always, I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it as a guide for scouting as you scroll through the channels.

So here's your afternoon thread. If I can squeeze it in, I'll add Washington-Stanford to the watchlist before tonight's big games.