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Dez Says Cowboys Are Unbeatable - Should We Forfeit?

Dez Bryant told "Inside The Huddle" that he feels the Cowboys are unbeatable. If there ever was a time the Rams needed bulletin board material, it's now. This wasn't a knock on the Rams at all, but still, to come out and declare your team as unbeatable is not the most professional way to state that your team is very good.

In case you are interested, Bryants numbers this year are 14 receptions for 249 yards and three touchdowns. He's ranked 109th in the league in receptions and 70th in receiving yards.

Overall as a team, I think we can all admit the Cowboys are definitely a good football team, but unbeatable? I'm not sure about that one. The Cowboys are 2-3 with their 3 losses coming from a total of 11 points... two of those games were against the Lions and Patriots, two very good football teams.

Bryant stated that the Cowboys beat themselves. While that is true, I think you could say that about any football team. Look at the Rams for instance. Minus two big plays last week (definitely beat themselves on those with poor over the top coverage) and the game could have swung either way. Not that the Rams are as good as the packers but they played well enough to have a shot... if they didn't beat themselves.

All I know is they play these games for a reason. This is professional football and yes I'll bring out the "Any Given Sunday" line. Am I predicting a Rams win. No, but then again, I have a little class. Dez Bryant while confident, and a damn good WR, needs to curb the enthusiasm and speak with his play not his mouth. Because if he's not careful, perhaps Sunday the Cowboys may, "beat themselves."