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NFL Draft notes - early college open thread

  Ah, the famous slow Saturday. No huge matchups, just good college football and plenty of good scouting. And it starts early today.

  Here's my watchlist for this week, and it opens today with UNC-Clemson. If you want WR talent, do not change the channel. North Carolina's Dwight Jones could be the sleeper WR pick that explodes in the NFL. A big frame, great ball adjustment ability, the ability to work the sidelines or come inside on possession downs - he's a legit draft option. And if you're looking for a premier WR in a future draft, please, please watch Clemson's freshman WR Sammy Watkins. Dude is tearing up the field every weekend.  There's plenty of defense as well.

  Speaking of sleeper WR picks, Brick Top's favorite WR in the history of all time forever to have played the game since the beginning is Illinois A.J. Jenkins. With Illinois taking on Purdue (ESPN2), there's no reason Jenkins shouldn't have another good resume bullet game today.

  So check out some morning action and drop off your observations here.