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Sam Bradford Injury: Rams QB Game Time Decision, No Friday Practice (UPDATED)

And there it is, folks.
And there it is, folks.

  Sam Bradford sat out practice yet again today, his ankle preventing him from even seeing the field today.  That being the case, the Rams have officially listed him as questionable, and he'll be a game-time decision for Sunday's game in Dallas against the Cowboys.

  Van discussed this earlier, so there's not much left to speculate at this point: the ankle's not doing well, and all signs point to A.J. Feeley at this point. Also DE C.J. Ah You and CB Brian Jackson were both held out of practice, and both are listed as being "out" of this weekend's contest.

  Bradford's injury opens up yet another discussion for a looming offseason that has no certainty attached to it. Aside from front office or coaching moves, it is entirely impossible to know which holes this team has to plug. As Sam's ankle has painfully reminded us, the Rams are relatively bare as it relates to backup QB.

  It's never a glory move to fill a backup QB spot, but as most fans recognize, it's one that you ignore at your own peril. For now, the Rams are faced with the double jeopardy of facing the Cowboys with A.J. Feeley and the potential to go 0-6 with a home game against the Saints on the horizon.

  If you ever needed to grab that last shred of optimism for this team, it might be right now.

(UPDATED at 5:00pm by 3k)

Didn't even notice this little nugget, but apparently it made it's initial rounds on the intertubes: both Mark Clayton and Marquis Johnson, who were both coming off of the PUP, will be left off the game-day roster (scroll down to the first asterisk note). If you were hoping for a Clayton-Lloyd combo, you're gonna have to wait another 9 least.