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What Would the Rams Do If They Picked #1?

With the Rams sitting at 0-5 and decimated by injuries, the thought of another high draft pick has entered many people's minds, fans and pundits alike. But is it possible that the Rams will pick #1 overall once again? That's an interesting thought and I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility.

Admittedly, the Rams schedule gets quite a bit easier in the second half of the season as they finally get to play some inter-divisional games. But still, the way this season has gone, I don't think any of them are going to be viewed as easy by any stretch of the imagination.

So the question remains, if the Rams pick #1 overall, what do they do? The most obvious choice is to deal the pick and hopefully get a stockpile of picks in a draft that seems to be fairly deep at many skill positions. Lord know St Louis could use them as they have many holes they'd love to fill.

What is the other option? Mel Kiper asked a similar question on his Twitter feed today. Deal Bradford and draft Luck?? I suppose it isn't out of the question (not that I'd like to see it!) as I'm sure dealing Bradford would also allow the Rams to get a stockpile of picks, however, you have to ask yourself a question. Stan Kroenke is looking for results as Spagnuolo and Devaney will be heading into their 4th season next year, so would starting over with a new rookie QB be the answer?

Either way, if the Rams get the #1 overall pick they would be looking at a serious commodity. As Kiper stated, it is a dilemma, but only because of the decision that would have to be made. Several teams are drooling over Luck right now, and it could be one of those Ricky Williams scenarios... but then again on the other hand, there is no way the Rams could hold the pick and draft Luck as they wouldn't have the wallet to do so with Bradford already on the payroll... and you can bet your boots the other interested teams know that too.

Still you can't disagree that there would be an incredible bidding war going on for the pick. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out against the weaker competition and finally a couple legit experienced WR's on the roster.