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Random Ramsdom 10/21 Will he or won't he?


Good morning y'all!  Of course the question that is on all of our minds is if Sam Bradford will be playing Sunday.  He is listed as day to day and honestly that is exactly what his status is.  The good thing is his hurt ankle is his left, which isn't his plant foot.  On Saturday if he can do drop backs and make all the throws, he will play Sunday.  Right now I think it's 50-50 on whether he plays.  All we can do is hope.

Lloyd and Clayton- a formidable combo?

The Post Dispatch had a round table with the question of what do you expect the addition of Brandon Lloyd and the return of Mark Clayton will do for the offense.  Here's Jim Thomas' (who's probably my favorite media person in STL) take.

Lloyd will play for sure and it will be surprising if he doesn't start. His skill set is well-known. He has a knack for getting downfield and making the catch in traffic. Pretty good hands. The only quesion mark is he hasn't had time to get in sync with Sam Bradford, and this week it may be A.J. Feely because of Bradford's high ankle sprain. As for Clayton, it's not clear if he'll play Sunday. Clayton knows the playbook, and is now healthy after spending the first six weeks on the PUP list. But he hasn't taken part in a football practice since early October of 2010. It may take him a couple weeks to get into football shape.

Five worst moments for the Rams in St. Louis

Bill Hanks (Tom's long lost brother?!?!?) of Yahoo Sports recounts the worst five moments for the St. Louis Rams.  Take a look...if you dare.

Hits on Bradford

Will from Ramsherd put together a nice chart of all the hits, sacks and pressures on QB.  To say that it is unacceptable considering how much we pay the offensive line is the understatement of the decade.  Take a look.

Sam wants to play for his family and friends

Sam Bradford really wants to play in this game badly.  He is getting tickets for a lot of his family and friends from Oklahoma and he doesn't want them to make the trip to see him on the bench.  As before still a 50-50 chance, but you know if it's close he is playing.