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NFL Draft notes - college football open thread

Can Arizona QB Nick Foles play his way into the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft?
Can Arizona QB Nick Foles play his way into the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft?

  Another Thursday, another week of college football (ignore Tuesday's Sun Belt procedural intervention), another big board - this time on defensive tackles.

  I'll keep it short tonight. Here's the watchlist; it's only got tonight and tomorrow's game thus far. I've got family in town and we're baptizing the baby on Sunday, so I can't promise I'll get much of Saturday on there. Still, it's good for tonight's marquee matchup: UCLA-Arizona.

  Maybe the most drama doesn't even involve the players, per se. This is the first game as head coach for Tim Kish who will lead the Wildcats for the rest of the season after Mike Stoops was fired. The question from an NFL perspective is what impact will Kish have on the Arizona offense?

  I'm biased on Nick Foles as many of you know. I think he's easily the most underrated QB in the draft, and maybe the most underrated prospect. He's also gotten better every year, and that includes a leap from his 2010 season to this year. So let's move on.

  I'm not a fan of Juron Criner at all. If you'll remember, buckeye had him at #4 on our big boards; he didn't crack my top ten. Criner exposes one of the biggest difficulties in scouting - analyzing individuals in a multi-person schema. Criner doesn't make plays without throws from Foles, but we all know what a good QB is limited to without strong WR play. So how to separate the two? It's not a question I can answer easily.

  And since we were speaking defensive tackles earlier, keep an eye on Justin Washington. He's just a RS sophomore, so he's still got plenty of development left. There aren't any other premier targets, but I would hope by now we all know how important mid-round scouting is.

  So if you're baseball'ed out and need better football than Bethune Cookman-Norfolk St. (which is on ESPNU...), catch some of this one and let us know what's good.