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Old Blue Eyes Knew All About Luck...

  Ever wonder about "luck"? No, not that "Luck", the other kind that involves Rabbit's feet, four leaf clovers, and not changing your underwear for fear of  writer's block  losing a game due to suddenly lost mojo...

  The Rams don't appear to have much luck? The latest evidence of our being "mojo" deprived happened on the last offensive play of the Green Bay Packers game. Sam Bradford twists an ankle. He immediately said it wasn't bad... Yup! Here it comes... The Rams feverishly work out a deal to bring in Brandon Lloyd as a true #1 wide receiver and announce it to grateful fans. Then, in what seemed like seconds later, they announce that the guy who is supposed to throw the ball to Lloyd has an injury that may cause him to miss the Dallas Cowboys game... Rodger Safford had a decent game last Sunday --- High ankle sprain. Justin King --- %&$@!

  While I write this, Frank Sinatra's song - "Luck be a Lady Tonight" seems to be rattling around in my mind. It should be the irony clad theme song for the 2011 St. Louis Rams... 

   I suppose I'm a bit on the superstitious side? Walk under a ladder? Ha! Why chance it? Step on a crack? You have to be kidding me! You can't sue a crack for a back injury can you? Rabbit's foot? The little fuzzy bunny might have a limp, but think of the greater good?

  Some believe that you make your own luck. It comes through perseverance, hard work and will power that says you won't be denied. What a bunch of twaddle! Check Stan Kroenke's pockets. They are no doubt filled with assorted luck talismans. Aaron Rodgers hung around waiting for Farve to retire because of the Shamrock green in the uniforms. Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder share a ancient gypsy who they see secretly and pay her with stock and real estate tips... OK, none of that is true. I'm admitting it because it's bad luck not too!

  The Rams have suffered from bad luck, misfortune, karma shift or whatever you want to call it. They suffer from something else too. You can see it in every game they have played outside of the Green Bay contest. In that game they started to show the barest glimmer of faith in themselves. Guys like DT Justin Bannan stood their ground. Greg Salas realized that a caught ball wouldn't burn his fingers. Player after player stepped forward to try and get the proverbial monkey off their backs. Steve Spagnuolo immersed himself in the game like no other this season. Billy Devaney stepped up, challenging other teams who wanted Brandon Lloyd, and he oh so won the day.

  Now the Rams journey to Dallas for another game few think they can win. Preseason sports-niks have long jumped from the Rams' bandwagon and are now helping to grind in the belief that they always thought the current St. Louis team is what would be. We are 14 point underdogs this week to a Dallas Cowboys team that has had its own share of bad luck.

  What I see is a game ahead they will unfold a different Rams team than we have seen so far this year. It will happen whether Sam Bradford plays or not. This team will more than play the game Sunday. They are bringing a lady called luck with them. She may be a fickled bitch at times, but the Rams will have her on their arm come Sunday - Ram 17 Cowboys 14.