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Random Ramsdom 10/20/2011

Great Scott! He did Random Ramsdom on time! Now you can finally enjoy the morning the morning. Let's get straight to business:


Ramsherd Sour Rankings

What is better than reading about power rankings? Well, the fact that this one is the other way around. It's the only time you'll see the Rams at #1 for the foreseeable future.


Bradford Still Hoping to Play

Hope. We need that right now as Rams fans. Perhaps the idea of throwing to Brandon Lloyd will spur Bradford into playing? We'll see...we'll see...


Lloyd Happy to Play for the Rams

Why? Because the Broncos are a mess. Except for Tebow. You know, because he's Tim Tebow and all. But back on point: Brandon Lloyd is excited because he might actually mean something again. Because Tim Tebow replaced him. Tim. Tebow.

More on Bradford's Injury

It appears it is a pain issue. If Bradford can stomach getting tossed around on that ankle, he'll be just fine. Rub some dirt on it Bradford and get back out there.

Ramsgab looks at the Coordinator to Head Coach Transition

It's not as easy as it sounds. For every successful coach, there is Scott Linehan. It's a good read, and worth checking out.



That's all for this morning folks. Be prepared to come back to TST to check out more action throughout the day!