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Team TST Member: Sergey Konyshev

Rams1Name: Sergey Konyshev

TST username: Sergey606

Location: Anchorage, AK

DOB: 06/06/1988

Rams fan since:1999

Favorite game time food: Chicken wings and beer

Best Sports Stadium in the world: I'll go with Safeco Field

Favorite Rams player of all time: Marshall Faulk

Favorite Rams player on current roster: Steven Jackson, But Sam and Animal Jr. aren't far behind

2011 St. Louis Rams season record prediction: was 9-7; now 11-5, just kidding 5-11

In His Own Words:   Well I was born in Russia, lived there for 10ish years, moved to Alaska in '99; started watching football then, literally picked the Rams and stuck with it. That would explain my random favorite teams: Diamondbacks, Mariners and Rams; OS Beavers are the only ones with a connection (family). I graduated from UAA with a degree in Geology (some may have seen my letter from "The Desk of Sam Bradford"). I worked this summer for a mining exploration company and it was nothing like the movie "Avatar". I plan on going to grad school next fall, so I’m currently jumping through the hoops for that, but that’s the only thing keeping me busy besides football. Oh, I play hockey, softball, tennis and flag football and watch almost every sport. Go Rams, let's turn this bus around!