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Rams Vs Redskins: Josh Brown Kicking Back After The Game

After rebuilding some credibility with the fan base last year, the St. Louis Rams have squandered that with an ugly, lifeless 0-4 start to the season. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo returned to his usual talking points following today's game, about getting on with things, not dwelling on the past, etc. 

The Rams have no choice but to go forward. Letting the past bother them has no benefit now, right? Fortunately, the Rams seem more than capable of shaking off the damage from an 0-4 start. Some players are even starting today. Here's kicker Josh Brown on his post-game plans.

Another rough loss. Just gotta make kicks when the opportunities come. Having a scotch and kicking back now.
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Scotch, the cure for 0-4? I know the Rams fans at the game today will be heading for their liquor cabinets, trying to forget. Hopefully, the fans won't stat finding more solace in the brownest of the brown liquors instead of buying tickets to see the most wretched show on turf this season. 

Give Brown some credit. Like punter Donnie Jones, his leg has been about the only thing working with any consistency for the Rams season.