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Rams Vs Redskins: Same Old Rams Through The First Half

The St. Louis Rams look much like the team that has lost their last three games. Washington came out firing against cornerback Justin King, and Santana Moss has a touchdown. On offense, the Rams have failed to do much of anything, apart from a 25-yard pass to Danario Alexander

Washington leads St. Louis by a score of 14-0. 

Left guard Jacob Bell left the game with a hamstring injury, and his return is questionable. Tony Wragge is playing in Bell's place. Defensive tackle Gary Gibson also left the game, and his return is questionable. 

Rams receivers dropped five passes. That number matches the total number of penalties the Rams incurred, including a few drive killers for good measure. 

Needless to say, this is not the start the Rams were looking for. The home crowd, if you can call it a crowd, has been merciless, even giving out the fake cheers on punts. 

Settle in.