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Danny Amendola Injury: New Injury Troubles For St. Louis Rams Receiver

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Just when it looked like the St. Louis Rams would have Danny Amendola back soon, now comes news that the receiver's return might be postponed. Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Amendola suffered another injury in practice this week. What's his status?

St. Louis WR Danny Amendola reinjured his triceps during practice last week: will see a specialist Monday. Status uncertain and shaky.
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The first question that comes to mind is whether or not Amendola pushed it too far? And if the Rams let him push it too far? That's always a conundrum with injured players. Only the player can assess the pain. Amendola was building his strength back in his elbow. Sometimes, that can lead to cascading injuries as players adjust their bodies to compensate for the injury. No telling whether or not that's the case here, but if Amendola rushed back too soon from injury, it's a big problem for the Rams.

It's also a big problem for Sam Bradford and an offense struggling to find a way to move the ball. The tight ends will have to step up as well as the running backs playing that underneath role that Amendola did.