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Danny Amendola Status Update: Amendola Not Ruled Out

Frustrating fans and fantasy football GMs alike, the St. Louis Rams have a decision to make with wide receiver Danny Amendola. He practiced some this week, for the first time since dislocating his elbow in week one. Amendola is listed as questionable on the injury report, and the team seems most likely to let him wait until after next week's bye before pushing him back onto the field. 

Despite that, Danny Amendola could still play today. Sam Bradford struggled to complete passes without his most reliable receiving option. With troubles deep and struggles with pass protection, Bradford lacked his safety valve who could always be counted out to scrappy out a few yards. 

Fantasy football teams may want to avoid Danny Amendola just because the likelihood that he will play today is very low. Rams fans can at least hold out a sliver of hope to see a favorite player back on the field, but be prepared to deal with the most likely possibility that he will sit today.