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Random Ramsdom, 10/2: St. Louis Rams Regroup

Can the St. Louis Rams rebound today?
Can the St. Louis Rams rebound today?

The St. Louis Rams try to get things back on track today. They beat the Washington Redskins last year to end their winless start to the season. Can they do it again? 

Defense regroups for Redskins - The Rams defense spent the week looking to regain its form from last season. Washington can score points, so the Rams have to play better than they have so far this season.

Ex-Ram Fletcher returns with ironman streak going - Remember when the Rams let London Fletcher go? Me too. What miserable mistake by this team. For all the time spent laughing at the drafts they've had here, letting Fletcher walk was a huge blow to the organization. The Rams just now finally recovering from it since drafting James Laurinaitis.

Week 4 N.F.L. Matchups - The matchups for the fourth week of the season include yet another grudge match for the Jets. They pick the Redskins over the Rams.

Rams-Redskins: Seven things to watch - A big test for the offensive line today as the Redskins bring a ballsy pass rush, though DeAngelo Hall might not agree. What are the other keys to the game for the Rams, besides, you know, winning it?