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Sam Bradford Injury: Rams QB Does Not Practice, Status For Week 7 Unclear

Reports that St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford will play this week in Dallas may still be a little premature. Following today's practice at Rams Park, head coach Steve Spagnuolo was anything but confident that Bradford would play this week. If anything, the coach's comments made it sound as though the decision is still up in air, as it was initially said to be. 

Here's what Spagnuolo said after practice today:

I don't know what to think on that right now...I don't venture to take any guesses on high ankle sprains.

Yesterday, reports that Bradford would play sounded doubtful, given the nature of the injury. And that stands to reason, high ankle sprains can make life painful, miserable, even for a quarterback who is dealing with the injury on his non-plant foot. Bradford did not practice today. Stay tuned because I suspect we won't know about Bradford's status until much closer to game day, maybe on game day. 

Newly added wide receiver Brandon Lloyd joined the Rams for practice today, drawing rave reviews from the head coach as well as Steven Jackson, who called him a "special player". 

Mark Clayton and Marquis Johnson joined the team for practice today as well, fresh off the PUP list. Whether or not they suit to play this week remains to be seen. Both are said to be in good shape, but haven't been exposed to the rigors of football since their injuries last season.