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TST Mailbag: Wins, quitting TST, and the draft.

Another week, another mailbag. This season has been hard, but it could be worse, what if Sam Bradford was out for the year? That would be the icing on the cake, but as long as Bradford is playing we can have some hope huh?

Anyway adding Brandon Lloyd should help the offense, and also help the current regime keep their jobs, if the team looks better. At least adding Lloyd will keep us happy for the next few weeks.

Anyway, today we had some good questions, so let's get to it after the jump.

Ross McCooey Realistically, how many wins can we hope for now?

Tevin: I think the Rams can get 5 or 6.

Kevin Stanard Samual from Philly would have been great?????

Tevin: He's not the corner that Spags usually prefers, since he's not really physical.

Jordan Breck how often do you consider quitting turfshowtimes

Tevin: After every blowout Sunday. :( Just think how Van feels, I doubt he's seen many winning seasons since was made.

Sergey Konyshev Question: If a Rams' QB gets injured in Green Bay, does anyone hear about it?
Answer: Not if there was a handshake incident and you're watching ESPN.

Tevin: He was mentioned yesterday, I guess they only care about winning teams. 

Ross McCooey Should we spare Sam for the next two games which could be losses in all likelihood and let Feeley have at it, or do we let Sam try get chemistry going with Lloyd?

 Tevin: Maybe, but you know Sam doesn't want to be benched.

Alan Clayton Some sources are saying Bradford will probably be fine for Dallas, despite Feely practicing. Others disagree, saying he is seriously injured. Have you heard anything definitive within the last day or so in regards to his ankle?

Tevin: There's a great chance he will play, the real question is how mobile will he be against a good Dallas passrush. 

Isaiah Smiff WHOOO Lets go NBA season!!Oh wait dayum, Anyways, Alot of fans are calling for spags and deveaneys jobs after the season heck even now, but with one more year left on their contracts. Do you think they stick around? We all know its a "Not. For.Long League"...Personally I hope they stick around, i'd like to see what they do with a few more pieces as well as a healthy team. The Injury bug hit this team hard this year, but who knows Kronke might not let this season fly.

Tevin: I like the current regime, but it's not looking good. The injuries are a big excuse and so is lack of talent, but when you look at what teams like the Bills, Lions, and especially 49ers, the team finishing with a bad record is not a good thing for Spags.

Brent Lancaster Odds that Marquis Johnson is activated for the game? A CB was released from the practice squad today (Ness)

Tevin: 45% chance he will play this week.

Shawn Bennett Was Jay.Z & John. S in any way responsible or part of the hiring process of Billy. D? Think you guys can come up with a short but realistic list of coaching replacements just for kicks?

Tevin: Man, that was a while ago, I'm pretty sure that they did though. Right now, don't know which of the former head coaches want to coach again, ask close to the end of the season.

Ryan Rabson whens our first win coming

Tevin: Sooner than later.

Robert Buchanan III Is Brandon Lloyd and Mark Clayton going to play vs the Cowboys?

Tevin: No clue on Clayton yet, today will be his first practice, and Lloyd is supposed to be starting this week.

J.j. Crisp If we go 0-16 will they come back to Los Angeles like where the belong ??

Tevin: We won't go 0-16, so no.

Jerry Will Why does our offensive line struggle so much ? Is it technique or are they just physically overmatched or both ?

Tevin: It's really the offensive tackles more than anyone. New system, and they still have to jell. They should be playing way better though.

Andy Alisago If the Rams go 0-16, who should we sell the "Suck for Luck" lottery ticket to?

Tevin: Any team that has the draft picks

Josh Graunke What are the receiver packages for this Sunday?

Tevin: Gibson, Salas, Brandon Lloyd, with a lot of situational work for DX.

Rick Siegel Although I clearly love the low price, I don't really understand the trade for Lloyd. Either they think A) we are still in the division race (which seems unlikely) or B) they can extend him (with no cap space). Can anyone explain it?

Tevin: A better chance of winning games, so they won't get fired. If he does good and the Rams resign him to a reasonable price, would be a better trade.

Shawn Bennett Why does this regime seem to have no regard for speed? Besides Sam what have our last 5or6 1st round picks done? I say they are all flat out bust. No pro bowlers not even an alternate since SJ39 its pathetic.

Tevin: Mcdaniel's system. Start a Chris Long, that's when Billy D was helping in the draft room.

Alan Clayton How have Johnson and Clayton done over the past few weeks?

Tevin: Hopefully well enough to play against the Saints.

Mike Tockgo The trade is actually excellent considering what we hade to offer.. If he plays like he did last year, its a bonus for us..However the downside to all of this, is that any wins we get going forward will hurt us....we have no shot of making the playoffs unless we run the table here on out...having said that, wouldn't it be better to tank the season and trade luck for 4 1st round picks?? If Palmer is worth 2 picks, imagine the possibility!!

Tevin: Makes you almost want to tank the season huh?

Dennis DiegoSantiago Stockblom if the rams get the top 5 pick, can Matt kalil be spotted?
As for now, the protection is worse then the drops.
Also, Blackmon is the better receiver while Jeffrey might be the bigger target, with those HUGE hands..
Which WR makes most sense?

Sure the Rams could get Kalil, but another 1st round offensive linemen? I like Jeffrey over Blackmon though. It's A.J Green vs. Julio Jones again.  Hopefully the Rams get one of them this time.