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Justin King: Would Safety Be More Fitting?

Justin King was drafted by the Rams in the fourth round (101 overall) of the 2008 NFL Draft and had extremely high hopes. Those hopes were crushed with a toe injury versus Tennessee in the preseason that kept him out his entire rookie season.

King came from Penn State and boasted an impressive combine as well, with a 40 time at 4.31... that's ridiculous speed. The problem is, all those skills have just simply not carried over to the NFL since his return from injury.

An interesting point came up in the game thread last week when Justin King tattooed someone (I can't remember who to be honest), but it was a hit I've seen him make time and time again. Versus Baltimore (in the picture above) King was pretty effective on the blitz as well, and actually forced a fumble against Flacco. If there ever was something King can do, is flat out hit you.

I quickly mentioned in the game thread last week that King can flat out hit people, it's too bad he was struggling in one on one coverage. Someone posted, "Make him a safety!". I guess I had never thought about that.

And let's not forget, he actually played on both sides of the ball in Penn State in 2005 as a RB so the kid knows how to run with the rock and make plays. Wouldn't it make sense to put this kid in a position to get more INT's and become a play maker?

OK now let's compare some numbers of one O.J. Atogwe to Justin King.


Atogwe - 5' 11" 205 lbs.
King - 5' 11" 197 lbs (I've seen him listed at 201 recently)

Speed - 40 Yard Dash:

Atogwe - 4.55
King - 4.31

Are the Rams trying to shove a round peg into a square hole? Clearly King has the size to play the S position, and enough speed to possibly excel.

I actually got the courage to ask Justin King if he had ever thought about the move...

 Peter Dunbar 
 have you ever played safety? You can hit WICKED man. Ever talk of a position switch? Just curious


 Justin King 
 naw never thought about it..but thanks


It doesn't sound like the idea has ever been passed around, and I think King prefers CB. At any rate, this presents an interesting conversation.. let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.