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Random Ramsdom 10/19: Bradford expected to start


HOORAY!!!  Adam Schefter is reporting that Sam Bradford is expected to start Sunday despite a high ankle sprain he suffered at the end of last week's game.  This is great news for the Rams, because if they started AJ Feeley they would have had almost no chance of winning Sunday against the Cowboys.  Now that Bradford is in, they have a shot, still a long shot, but a shot nevertheless.  On to the links.

Mark Clayton returns

Jim Thomas of the PD had a great piece on Mark Clayton finally becoming eligible to get off the PUP list.  There has been a question of if Clayton will be activated for this weeks game.  The Rams haven't activated Clayton yet and their is a question of whether or not they will for this weeks game.  I don't expect to see Mark this week as the Rams will want to take some time to get him accumulated to the new offense.

NFL trade deadline history

The Stache, Tony Softli, rolls through some of the bigger deals that were completed with the trade deadline looming. Nothing incredibly poignant, but then again NFL trades rarely are. The Carson Palmer deal though, depending on how well he can still play and what the Bengals do with the picks, will be a huge factor in both franchises' future successes...or lack thereof.

Jim Thomas is one chatty Kathy

Good stuff from the chat at the P-D yesterday, and Jim came out hot:

Most of the issues have come at the tackle position, where RT Jason Smith just hasn't developed so far, and LT Rodger Saffold is in the midst of a big-time sophomore slump The run blocking has been pretty good all season, with a couple of exceptions. The pass-blocking has been a huge disappointment, of course. But as I pointed out in an Oct. 9 story, 7 1/2 of the 19 sacks allowed in the first four games had nothing to do with the offensive line. They were either backs, tight ends, or cases where maybe Bradford decided to go out of bounds on a rollout or a pass-rusher came in clean because there weren't enough people left in pass protection. Overall, has the play of the line been acceptable? No. Should Loney be held responsible for this? Perhaps. But there are a lot of positions not playing up to expectations. Such as defensive tackle. Cornerback. Quarterback. Outside linebacker. Receivers and tight ends too, if you factor in drops. So maybe all of these position coaches should be fired, too. And you know what? If some substantial progress doesn't follow this 0-5 start, that'll be the case. They'll all be gone.

San Francisco, picking up 5 free yards one at a time

So that's why they're winning...