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Power Play of The Week: DT Justin Bannan

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The St. Louis Rams defensive line had a better outing this week.
The St. Louis Rams defensive line had a better outing this week.

The St. Louis Rams have had mostly uninspired play from the middle of their defensive line. A big part of the problem has been the decline of Fred Robbins, something that's turning out to be more of a surprise than it should be. This week, however, the Rams got some powerful play from their interior line from one of this season's free agent additions, DT Justin Bannan

Bannan manhandled an elite Green Bay interior offensive line throughout the game. It was a big part of the reason the Rams were better against the run. It also helped Gary Gibson pick up his first career sack, which is the only sack from a defensive tackle for the Rams this season. 

Here's Pro Football Focus on Bannan's efforts:

This year, Bannan has flashed the Baltimore form that had eluded him when he returned to the state of Colorado to play for Denver last season. Plays such as his tackle at 7:14 in the Q3, and more impressively controlling two linemen on the stop of John Kuhn on 3rd-and-2 to open the second quarter, highlight his ability to control even the best offensive linemen in the league. Rams fans will hope to see this form from Bannan more frequently as the season rolls on.

Hopefully, the defensive play this week is more indicative of what the defense will look like going forward.