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Rams Vs. Packers Game Ball: James Laurinaitis

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The St. Louis Rams 24-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers was one of those NFL games where the stats don't really give you the full picture of what happened. For example, the Rams picked up more than 400 yards of offense for just the second time since Sam Bradford became their starting quarterback, but what do 400 yards of offense matter if all you can muster is 3 points? The Rams defense played their best game of the season, especially against the run. Then again, I never got a real sense of urgency from the Packers after a three touchdown second quarter. 

Let's just take it for what it was. The Rams defense allowed just one running play that went for more than 10 yards. They held Green Bay, not a team prone to running the ball, to just 96 yards rushing on 32 attempts. 

The middle of the defensive line played better, but it was the linebackers who had their best outing of the season. Chris Chamberlain started on the weakside in place of the disappointing Ben Leber. Brady Poppinga remained on the strongside. And in the middle there was the usually reliable James Laurinaitis, the captain of the defense, who played one of his better games this season. 

Laurinaitis gets our game ball.