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Week 7 power rankings - winning by losing?

  For a week, the Rams were part of the national conversation. Sure, we were superceded by coachfight on Sunday evening, Pretty Boy Lloyd yesterday and Carson Palmer today. (Wait, Carson Palmer? Holy crap, Oakland.) But the Rams were part of the Green Bay March Over Everyone Campaign, heralded by superdude Aaron Rodgers. Luckily, the Rams made some progress in the loss.

  The offense picked up plenty of garbage yardage en route to a 3-point tally by game's end. Greg Salas looked like the anti-Week 2 Greg Salas. The Rams' defense held the Packers to just 3 points in quarters 1, 3 and 4. So yeah, some positives. Except that all anyone really saw was Jordy Nelson running down the sideline as Darian Stewart and Al Harris contributed the ol' tackle-someone-on-your-own-team routine.

  It is what it is. The Rams played four horrible games before the bye, so the silver linings of Sunday's game should ring hollow for most fans. The truth is that the Rams should have won at least one if not two games by this point, and by no means should have lost their first four games in the fashion they did. Regardless of how they lose at this point, the fan base will remain unsatisfied and national media will continue their long-standing apathetic approach to the Rams.

For reference, here's last week's ranking summary.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 30.78 (9)
Average change from last week -0.11
Highest ranking (source) 30th (multiple sources)
Lowest ranking (source) 32nd (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) +1 (Pro Football Weekly)
Biggest negative change (source) -1 (multiple sources)

SB Nation: 30th (30th last week)

Worst offense in the NFL, third worst defense in the NFL and games coming up against the Cowboys and Saints. 0-7 coming?

The rest of the major power rankings after the jump.

ESPN: 31st (31st)

Sam Bradford took every snap as a rookie, but an ankle injury could sideline him now. 32nd (32nd)

If you want the story of the Rams' season, read the Packers' blurb in the one-hole. In other news, it was nice to see rookie Greg Salas be productive with eight catches for 77 yards. Fellow wideout Mike Sims-Walker was inactive with a rare injury called "general sucking." He was then cut with Brandon Lloyd in the mix. Considering the other options, this can't be considered anything but a great addition for Sam Bradford and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

CBS Sports: 30th (30th)

So much for the talk of moving forward in 2011. They've had too many injuries and they need one more draft. And now Sam Bradford is out with a high-ankle sprain. Ouch.

Pro Football Talk: 31st (31st)

If the Brandon Lloyd trade works out, the Rams perhaps will be 4-12 instead of 2-14.

Pro Football Weekly: 30th (31st)

Things don't get easier until Week 12 home game vs. Arizona.

Fox Sports: 30th (29th)

Getting Brandon Lloyd via trade is a step in the right direction, but the Rams need to take about 10 more steps in that same direction before it really makes much of a difference.

National Football Post: 32nd (32nd)

St. Louis added Brandon Lloyd, but that doesn’t cover up the multiple holes on this roster.

Sports Illustrated: 31st (30th)

I like the Brandon Lloyd trade, because Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels certainly knows how to use him. But it's probably a case of too little, too late in St. Louis. I didn't think the Rams' slow start would kill them, because I couldn't see anyone running away with things in the NFC West. But alas, the 49ers are running away with things in the NFC West.