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St. Louis Rams WR Brandon Lloyd To Wear Number 83

The St. Louis Rams newest addition, wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, will wear the number 83 on his jersey. Lloyd let fans weigh in on the decision via Twitter today. He made the announcement moments ago that he would be taking 83 for his number here. 

Lloyd wore number 84 with the Broncos. That number belongs to Danario Alexander, the receiver likely to start on the opposite side of Lloyd, unless Lloyd replaces him in the rotation. 

The Rams official web site is still confused on the matter. They have Lloyd and Alexander both listed as wearing number 84. 

Lloyd wore number 85 his first five years in the NFL, before he was good, and the number 80 for his one year stint with the Bears in 2008. 

In other news, former Rams WR Mike Sims-Walker is re-signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars today, the same team that did not want him back after last season.