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NFL Trade Rumors: Asante Samuel On The Block

The Philadelphia Eagles have let it be known that cornerback Asante Samuel is their last best hope for salvaging what has turned into a nightmare season. Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network reported today that the Eagles have made Samuel available for trade. Naturally, it begs the question as to whether or not the St. Louis Rams should give chase. 

Without a doubt the Rams could use a cornerback to relieve a position group now relying on Justin King and museum-piece Al Harris in the secondary. As far as what the Eagles would want in return remains to be seen. You have to think given their situation that they are less interested in draft picks than they are plug and play players. 

The most likely teams bidding for Samuel would be contenders - the Lions come to mind - but those teams might not be willing to part with starter or even key role players at linebacker and defensive line, where the Eagles have a need. 

I don't really know what the Rams would have to offer as far as players ready to play. Their only linebacker of note is James Laurinaitis, and he isn't going anywhere.  

Salary likely makes this deal prohibitive anyway. He's about a five million dollar cap hit this season and more than $18 million over the next two. It is worth noting that the Rams and the Eagles have a history of making deals, but Samuel probably isn't going anywhere this year.