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NFL Trade Deadline: The Cost Of Carson Palmer Versus Brandon Lloyd

Despite the relatively modest asking price for Brandon Lloyd, there were still a few holdouts who did not want to see the St. Louis Rams surrender a sixth-round, probably fifth-round, pick for the receiver. The reality of is that Rams general manager Billy Devaney got a pretty good for Lloyd. It was nothing like what the Oakland Raiders just gave up for Carson Palmer

From the pool of players selected in drafts since 2008, the Rams have two players still on the roster: TE Michael Hoomanawanui and DE Eugene Sims. Both players came in last year's draft. Sims is a role player on the defensive line, and Hoomanawanui is a talented, sure handed tight end whose career might be more significant had he not spent most of it dealing with various injuries. 

Oakland is giving up a first-round pick in 2012 and a conditional first-round pick in 2013 for Palmer, a 32-year-old quarterback. Something to think about before you start wringing your hands over the loss of a fifth-round pick.