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Cadillac and Saffold - MRI's Negative

After hearing the bad news about Bradford's high ankle sprain, the Rams finally got a bit of good news this afternoon on Rodger Saffold and Cadillac WilliamsBoth of their MRI's came back negative according to Jim Thomas.

This is fantastic news to a team who has been absolutely decimated by injuries thus far this season. They are officially listed as day to day. Could they return this week? Hard telling but at least they won't be out long term.

What about Sam Bradford? The high ankle sprain has to be concerning, even though he is also listed as day-to-day. Let's hope Sam can battle through the injury, but then again, I'd hate to see him rushed back only to further injure himself. Yes, it could be a lot worse.

With the signing of Brandon Lloyd, and Mark Clayton returning off the PUP list, and the news of Cadillac and Saffold not missing major time, all in all this was a good day for the Rams.

As Van mentioned below, Mark Clayton may not be available for a the Dallas game (maybe more?) while he learns the new system, but with his photographic memory, and hunger to finally play game, I think the Rams will need to put him in a straight jacket to hold him out of the Saints game. That's just my opinion.