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St. Louis Rams Trade Sixth-Round Pick For Brandon Lloyd

The St. Louis Rams have completed a trade with the Denver Broncos for wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. The news that the Rams were working on a deal first broke this morning, but it was quickly walked back as the deal was not completed. The deal has now been completed according to Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch.

The Rams gave the Broncos a sixth-round pick. That could turn into a fifth-round pick if Lloyd meets certain performance standards. Denver was reportedly asking for a draft pick somewhere between the third and fifth rounds when it was first reported that Lloyd was on the block.

According to the Rams, details of the trade were still being worked out this morning. It makes you wonder if those details did not include a contract extension for Lloyd, who is scheduled to be a free agent after this season. The deal only makes sense if the Rams can count on keeping Lloyd for 2012 at least.

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