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The Quick Five: Rams vs. Packers

Every plane represents a missed red zone opportunity by the Rams.
Every plane represents a missed red zone opportunity by the Rams.

Even though the Rams lost for the fifth time in a row, I think I finally may have some optimism. The team was outmatched by the Packers, but all in all it could have been a close game if a few costly mistakes weren't made. That tells me that this team, while still having issues, has the capability to start winning. When they choose to do that, it is another subject entirely, but the fact is they can. Hopefully Brandon Lloyd will spice things up. Quick Five after the jump.

Sam Bradford, QB

He played alright yesterday, racking up some nice yards and doing a good relatively good job moving the team down the field. But I just cannot excuse that red zone interception. That was a rookie mistake. The gloves are off pal, you just can't do that and expect to win.

Steven Jackson, RB

Jackson is the leader of this of this team. Over the bye week, we had heard he tried to fire up this offense. For the most part, he succeeded. The Rams moved the ball well against the Packers. But unfortunately, they still could not score. Hands up if you think he needs to give motivational speeches when the Rams reach the Red Zone.


Mike Sims-Walker, WR

Adios! He's done absolutely nothing this year. If this was his 'prove it' mantra, I'd hate to see him playing for a team with a long-term contract. Hopefully the Rams can add Brandon Lloyd and get Mark Clayton back, because MSW isn't seeing the field any time soon. (Written before Lloyd trade became official)

Lance Kendricks, TE

The HOF bound Lance Kendricks had a great reception yesterday. He tailed off towards the end, but there is no doubt that he could be a great addition to the offense once you know, they actually have an offense. All-in-all, it was good to see the rookies actually make catches this week, instead of dropping them.

Danario Alexander, WR

Let the community of TST observe: I hereby granteth a one week pass on Justin King's weekly down arrow. DX is probably the most capable WR on the team right now. Sam and him definitely need to spend some extra time together after practice so they can catch and throw blindfolded. This could be a good combo if DX can stay healthy.