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Brandon Lloyd Trade To St. Louis Rams Not Done Yet

Reports that the St. Louis Rams have swung a deal for wide receiver Brandon Lloyd are getting a bit confusing. We have just been told by someone inside the Rams' front office that there is no deal. That could be a technicality based on reports that the details of a deal are still being finalized. 

Actually, our source said "not true" to our question about whether or not the Rams had made the trade.

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 10/17/11 12:23 PM EDT ] UPDATE: We've been told that the deal is "close, just not done."

Others are reporting that the Brandon Lloyd deal is done as soon as the sides can work out the fine print of the deal. Whether or not those remaining details include compensation or something else remains to be seen. 

One possibility is that the deal hinges on the Rams being able to extend Lloyd's contract beyond the next ten games. He is set to be a free agent after this season, and with the Rams sitting at 0-5 it makes little sense to rent him for ten games.

Now Adam Schefter is reporting that the Lloyd deal faces "a lot of hurdles.

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