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NFL Trade Deadline: St. Louis Rams Acquire Brandon Lloyd

The St. Louis Rams have acquired Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, according to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network. Details of the trade have yet to be released, but there is reason to believe that Mike Sims-Walker could be released to make room for Lloyd. If this deal does happen, it would improve the Rams group of receivers. 

The news just broke moments ago, but we reported earlier today that the Rams were willing to pay a higher price than the other potential suitors for Lloyd. We'll know if that's the case soon enough. 

Lloyd knows the offensive system used by Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. McDaniels brought Lloyd to the Broncos and turned around his career in Denver. Now, with the Broncos in transition, including a move to make Tim Tebow their starting QB, they will send Lloyd packing. 

Among the biggest questions to ask is whether or not the Rams can work out a deal to keep Lloyd in St. Louis beyond the next ten games. Lloyd is scheduled to be a free agent after this season. At 0-5, the Rams have little use for Lloyd this season, but he could help bolster the offense next year, when high expectations will be even less forgiving. 

There is also word that the Rams have released Mike Sims-Walker. That would not be a big surprise after benching him yesterday against Green Bay. MSW has been a huge disappointment here. The Rams have the cap space to add Lloyd, who will make less than a million over the rest of the season.