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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Andrew Luck, Justin Blackmon At The Top

The NFL standings reveal what could be a three-way race for Stanford QB Andrew Luck, with the St. Louis Rams one of three winless teams in the running for the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. For now, the Indianapolis Colts sit in first place. Given how badly the Rams need talent, having the first pick might be a real benefit given the return it is likely to fetch.

First, a 2012 NFL Mock Draft, this one from the fine folks over at Don't let the name fool you, these guys do solid work. Their post-week 6 2012 NFL mock draft has the Rams picking second. And who do the Rams pick in the second overall spot?

The pick and more on the possibility of trading down after the jump.

According to this mock, the Rams select Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon with the second pick in the draft.

The debate about the top wide receiver in the 2012 draft should get pretty lively as April gets closer. Texas held Blackmon in check, mostly, this weekend, to the point where Blackmon said he was doing some stretching on the sidelines in the fourth quarter to stay loose. Notre Dame's Michael Floyd and South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery are the other two names in the debate. Blackmon is faster than both of those players, but pure speed isn't everything. Both Floyd and Jeffery have a size advantage over Blackmon.

Trading down from the second spot might be tough. Trading the first spot could return a king's ransom in draft picks. Peter King speculated today that three first-round picks represents a reasonable asking price for the opportunity to draft Andrew Luck.

The Rams could sure use two more first-round picks, with one likely coming in 2013. Maybe it is worth tanking the rest of season...kidding.