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NFL Trade Rumors: St. Louis Rams Willing To Pay Higher Price For Brandon Lloyd

According to Peter King at, the St. Louis Rams might be the most serious player for Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. It was reported earlier that the San Francisco 49ers were the most interested in trading for Lloyd, but according to King, it's the Rams who ought to be the most interested. Lloyd knows McDaniels' offense, and would finally give the Rams a decent receiver. 

Here's what King said:

The Rams need to deal for Brandon Lloyd -- and would give a higher pick than San Francisco.

A fourth-round pick seems to be the most logical asking price for Lloyd at this point. Denver has only received offers of a seventh-round pick, according to the Denver Post. As Mike D pointed out earlier, if the Rams traded for Lloyd, but failed to re-sign him, they would receive a fifth-round compensatory pick. In other words, the net loss for ten game of Brandon Lloyd is relatively minor. 

Lloyd would instantly improve the Rams offense, a unit that squandered multiple scoring chances against the Packers, something that would have been a huge boost to the struggling team. It should be pretty clear from yesterday's performance that some of the young players have a ways to go and some of the veterans, receivers, just don't have it and never will. 

Lloyd's prorated salary cap hit for the year would be less than $1 million. Rams COO and cap guru Kevin Demoff told TST last week that the Rams have $1.345 million in cap space, for all intents and purposes this season. Acquiring Lloyd would necessitate a corresponding roster move. The Rams have plenty of non-essential personnel to dump, but you wonder if Mike Sims-Walker wouldn't be on the list given his poor play and benching yesterday.