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NFL Trade Rumors: 49ers The Favorites For Brandon Lloyd?

The St. Louis Rams lost again yesterday. As usual, one of the main culprits was an offense incapable of closing the deal when it mattered. With the NFL trade deadline just a day away, it raised more questions about whether or not the Rams should really be in the mix for Denver wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. However, another NFC West team now looks like the favorite to land him.

The Denver Post now says that the San Francisco 49ers are the team most interested in Lloyd. Jim Harbaugh's team pulled off the upset against Detroit to go to 5-1 yesterday. The coach has clearly done something special with that team. Not bad considering they were once considered favorites to land Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft. After losing WR Josh Morgan for the year, they could use an extra hand on offense. 

At 0-5, you have to ask why the Rams would be trading for a player. They have no hope left for winning even the NFC West at this point. Lloyd, however, could give the offense a better receiver than it's had in a long time and a guy who knows Josh McDaniels' playbook. 

Stay tuned. Denver reportedly wants to have a deal done for Lloyd by the end of the day today.