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Rams Vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers Owns The Rams Through The Half

As you might have expected, it's been all Aaron Rodgers in this game as the Green Bay Packers lead the St. Louis Rams by a score of 24-3. After making a statement by leaving struggling starters on the pregame inactive list, the Rams were back to their usual ways before too long. 

The defense did manage to stop Green Bay on their first two drives, but a paper thin Rams secondary was powerless against Rodgers and his receivers. Rodger made highlight throws to James Jones and Jordy Nelson to bury the Rams early. 

From a Rams perspective, the lack of offensive weapons was painfully obvious again today. The maddeningly inconsistent Danario Alexander dropped a clean pass, and receivers missed throws as usual. Three penalties on two drives had the offense up to its usual tricks and looking terrible again.

Spagnuolo and the Rams coaches are looking tentative, as usual. With seven seconds left, they opted for a field goal, down 24-0, instead of a shot at the end zone.