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Fantasy Football: Steven Jackson

Among the other things wrong with the St. Louis Rams offense this season, Steven Jackson has been less than his usual dominate self this season. He strained a quad on his touchdown run on the first play of the season opener before finally returning to the lineup in week 4 against Washington. With a bye last week, Jackson is back to 100 percent for a tough matchup against the Green Bay Packers. Should you start Jackson if you have him on your fantasy team?

This is probably one of those things you shouldn't over think. If you drafted Jackson, you probably made him one of your top running backs. The Rams offense desperately needs to get back to basics today, which would include running the ball and setting up screens and play actions off the run. It's a pretty daunting matchup against the Packers. 

Green Bay's run defense is pretty stingy. They held Michael Turner to just 53 yards rushing last week. A more apt comparison for Green Bay playing the Rams is the week before when the Denver Broncos played in Green Bay. WIllis McGahee ran for 105 yards on 15 carries in the Broncos' hopeless efforts against the Packers.