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Player to watch Greg Jennings

The Packers are so loaded on offense that is is terrifying.  It's not as bad as the GSOT was for the Rams, but they aren't far off that level of production (just missing the key ingredient: Faulk).  I would have done a post on Aaron Rodgers but you all already know everything about his game.  He is one of the elite for sure.  Great arm, great decision making and he can escape the pocket.  I went with Greg Jennings because of how explosive he is and what he brings to the table.  There are also great videos on Jennings.  

Breakdown after the jump.

First off you can't talk about Greg Jennings without mentioning how he "PUTS THE TEAM ON HIS BACK DOE!!!"  *WARNING* This video contains very, very strong language so don't watch if you would be offended by cussing, especially the "N" word.  

Now on a serious note, Greg Jennings has become one of the best WRs in the game.  His ability to make huge plays is almost unmatched.  He has very good speed that allows him to get on top of the defense, but the best part of his game is his route running and his great hands.  He runs every route almost to perfection (Torry Holt like) and he makes some sick catches on Sundays.  Here's a great video about how good his hands are.


WOW!! Just WOW!!  Great hands!! 

This year Jennings is off to a great start.  He is averaging over 15 yards a catch, has 448 yards receiving, and has 4 TDs.  This looks like it could be his best year of his career.  

The problem that the Rams will have with him is that we don't have anyone who can consistently cover him.  To combat this we will probably see some more zone calls on defense, but then we might get stuck in the trap of defensive predictability and Rodgers will tear us apart.  Stoping Greg Jennings is one of the major keys for the Rams Sunday if they want to have a chance.  He is most certainly a player to watch.