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St. Louis Rams Injury Report: Jacob Bell, Michael Hoomanawanui Practice Today

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The St. Louis Rams wrapped up their Friday practice. Getting more work today was left guard Jacob Bell and tight end Michael Hoomanawanui. Both left the Rams' week 4 loss to Washington, and their status looked iffy at that point. 

According to Jim Thomas from the Post-Dispatch, Bell carried a pretty heavy workload in practice today, and he looks like he will play this week in Green Bay. If he cannot play this week, Tony Wragge will start instead. Bell injured his hamstring against Washington.

Tight end Michael Hoomanawanui was still fairly limited in practice today. He suffered a concussion in that same week 4 loss, which is his second concussion of the season. The first came during training camp. According to the Rams, both he and Bell will probably be listed as questionable on the injury report this week. 

Thomas also reports that the Rams have yet to declare a punt returner this week. Austin Pettis or newcomer Nick Miller are the main candidates. Miller has experience, and Pettis is lucky he left the game alive after failing to call for a fair catch on his returns last time. 

It sounds like Josh Gordy could be the third cornerback this week, which makes you wonder if he has displaced either Justin King, Rod Hood or Al Harris. Regardless of how the corners are arranged, they're facing Aaron Rodgers and his receivers.