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NFL Trade Rumors: St. Louis Rams Exploring Brandon Lloyd Trade?

It would only make sense for the St. Louis Rams to give serious consideration to wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. He's the big name to watch right now as the NFL trade deadline approaches. Lloyd also fits a need and has a connection to the Rams. Such a trade might also be a move more geared toward results in 2012, than 2011 with the Rams already out of it at 0-4. 

There are strong signs that the Rams are indeed considering Lloyd. Evan Silva, who has hit on several Rams scoops in the past, Tweeted this today:

WilliamsonNFLMatt Williamson
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100% chance #Rams exploring it. RT @WilliamsonNFL No response on those possible destinations for Brandon Lloyd? Come on!
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Lloyd would have more impact than any fourth-round pick the Rams have drafted in the last decade. They desperately need a receiver, and after watching Sidney Rice and other potential options slip away, it would be hard to pass up on a player that would finally upgrade their receivers. Lloyd's not exactly Larry Fitzgerald, but he can play, thanks in no small part to Josh McDaniels. As Mike Sando pointed out, Lloyd has dropped just one pass in 32 targets this season. 

And what about Mark Clayton? Hopefully he comes back healthy and ready to play, but did rupture a patella last year. 

Lloyd will make the Rams a more competitive team this year. He is not going to suddenly transform an 0-4 team into a contender. They may still have a shot at the NFC West, but the injuries and the performance of the defense are just too much to overcome. 

Trading for Lloyd most certainly means that a team will want to sign him to a long term deal, rather than just rent him for ten games. Lloyd would benefit the Rams in 2012 for sure, though I would still hope to see them add some more talent to the position. 

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