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Random Ramsdom 10/14: Lloyd up for grabs?


Good mourning to everyone!  The Rams are about to go up to Green Bay and play for the chance to have the upset of the season against the Packers.  The Rams are 16 point underdogs, so if the Rams even keep it close I won't be upset.  Let's get to the links

Brandon Lloyd on the block

The Dever Broncos have put Brandon Lloyd on the block.  You would think that because I going to the University of Illinois and he was a huge part of the last Illini team to win a Big Ten Title and we have the same first name I'd like the Rams to get him right? NO!  I do not want to trade for him because he is in the last year of his deal and I don't want to give up a draft pick for a guy who might leave after less than a season.  I still don't think it will happen.  It's more likely a contender trades for him.  According to ESPN 4 teams expressed interest in Lloyd and 2 of those are the Titans and the Panthers.  Anything can happen, but I don't expect the Rams to trade for him or any other player.

D'Farr offers his thoughts on the O-line

Demarco Farr wrote a nice piece on the Rams offensive line and he tried to explain why there are some struggles.  One of the major things he pointed out is the Rams have been very unsuccessful on first down.  This leads to having more passing downs where the pass rusher drool from the mouth and rush Sam like a bat out of hell.  It's a nice piece, take the time to read it y'all.

Jackson back to 100%

Jim Thomas had an article where he quoted Steven Jackson saying he is back to 100%.

"Feel great," Jackson said. "Feel back to the point where I'm 100 percent. I'm able to run, cut, spin, do all those things I was able to do a few weeks ago before the injury. I've regained confidence in the leg. So although it was an early bye for us this season, it's kind of right on time for me and getting me back to the place that I want to be."

If the Rams are to have a shot Sunday, they will need Steven Jackson to be...well, Steven Jackson.  

Three things to watch

Maurice Walker of Ramsherd offers his weekly three things to watch for.  One is to unleash the beast of Jackson, two is play more zone defense, and three is to control the line of scrimmage on defense.  I leave it up to him to explain his reasoning to you.

That's all I got for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!