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NFL Trade Deadline: Brandon Lloyd Worth A 3rd-5th Round Pick?

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By now you have seen the reports that the Denver Broncos are willing to swap wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. The price is said to be anywhere from a third- to fifth-round pick. So far, potential trade partners being discussed all look like bubble teams, as in teams on the playoff bubble. That description would not seem to apply to the St. Louis Rams.

Lloyd has a connection with Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. He credits the Denver coach for turning around his career, and McDaniels fancied Lloyd back when he was a prospect.

It's hard to deny that the Rams don't need some help at wide receiver. Danny Amendola is out for the year. They do have the cavalry coming back with Mark Clayton due off the PUP list next week, but Clayton is recovering from knee surgery and lacks experience with Josh McDaniels' offense. Of course, being able to catch would be an improvement at wide receiver at this point.

Two questions to think about as you settle into the armchair GM business.

Numero Uno: Can the Rams afford it? Clayton is due $1.395 million this year. That's more than the Rams have in cap space, according to what COO Kevin Demoff told TST this week. Lloyd is a free agent next year, but would a team want to work out a deal?

Numero Dos: Can the Rams afford to part with a draft pick? Meh. Even a third rounder, at this point, this might be the only way the Rams get a reliable receiver with a draft pick.

It's definitely something to think about, but there's one more issue to think about? Does it matter for the Rams anymore? Expectations were pretty high going into the season, but that was before injuries took out all the cornerbacks. The Rams are more than a receiver from the Super Bowl...or maybe even the NFC West title.