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NFL Draft notes - college football open thread

We kicked off the college Thursday schedule with a CB big board comparison between buckeyefan55 and myself. And in case you missed it, our first big board comp was wide receivers. We're working on the next installment, but we'll need your help.

For today's open threads and the weekend threads, I'll throw out a poll on which position you guys want for the next big board. We've isolated it to five positions: RB, OT, DT, OLB and FS. All y'all gotta do is tell is which one you want, and we'll serve it up with a side of corned beef hash and some OJ. Yes, our big boards are, in fact, a Grand Slam breakfast that I've just jammed into my DVD drive. Don't ask me how it works.

In any case, tonight's another Pac-12 night, and as I'm sure many of the LA-based TSTers are aware, it's USC-Cal. If they're not somewhere half-sober (or less), I implore you to jump on the thread.

Here's the watchlist for this week; right now, it takes us through the first round on Saturday. I'm hoping to add two more to the list by the time College Gameday ends (speaking of Gameday, this is arguably the greatest Tumblr account ever).

For the Rams, two of my favorite options from USC are OT Matt Kalil and FS T.J. McDonald. I had McDonald as the Rams' first round pick in my only 2012 mock draft thus far, and I had Kalil going 4th overall. He's my favorite tackle prospect in a decent while. And before you go all crazy about WR Robert Woods, bear in mind he's a true sophomore, so he (and S. Carolina Marcus Lattimore) go in the "wait until the 2013 draft" bin. Also in that bin is Cal's Keenan Allen. You could certainly make the case that Allen's the better prospect. I won't do it now, but be prepared for it 12 months from now.

So keep it here all night for USC-Cal and drop off any thoughts on the draft throughout the night. Holler.