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Fantasy Football Over and Under Achievers for Week 6


Hello Fantasy Football Fans,


Here is the next installment of what will be a weekly rundown on who I think will over or under perform their weekly rankings from ESPN.   So if you have a guy who is possibly injured or have a bye week and take a look at the lower ranked guys I think will do well and move them into your lineup.  But if I mention a top player like Peterson it will be tough to have a guy who can even produce 50% of his output so as always take these thoughts and make the best decision.  Last week was average at best with a 6-4 in the Underachievers and 5-4 in the Overachievers.   Let’s get to the rankings;



·         Colt McCoy (21) - While the Raiders are playing well, they are giving up quite a lot of fantasy points to QB’s being ranked 3rd.

·          Ben Roethlisberger  (9)-With Mendenhall still banged up I expect him to rip through the awful Jags secondary.

·         Steven Ridley (38)-He did get his 10-12 touches last week and with Ellis missing practice this week he could take on a greater role.

·         Donald Brown (37)-He finally had a nice game and showed a spark last week while Carter looked to be running in quick sand.

·         Ernest Graham (27)-He is the RB1 for the week with Blount out, he could get to 100 total yards.

·         Jason Avant (49)-He is actually been the #1 WR in production the past 2 weeks even with the fumbles.

·         Greg Little (46)-He has been moved into the starting lineup and gets to play the Raiders.

·         Denario Alexander (44)-The Rams will be trailing and the Packers are usually pretty awful against the pass.

·         James Jones (30) - He has moved passed Driver and expect lots of open space against the awful Rams cornerbacks.

·         Darrius Heyward Bey (28) –He has had 2 great weeks, maybe this is finally his breakout season.

·         Ben Watson (15) –Lots of love for the Browns off the bye


·         Matt Schaub (12)- He looks lost without Andre Johnson.

·         Arian Foster (7)- The Ravens will stack the box due t the below average passing game of the Texans.

·         Steven Jackson (13)-Green Bay is actually very good against the run, with the Rams falling behind early, I cannot see a full load.

·         James Starks (17) - He has been way below average all year and even though the Rams are leaky I expect another 50 yard non TD day.

·         DeAngelo Williams (24)- He finally broke out last week but still got only 9 carries and Cam will get all goal line carries.

·         Tim Hightower (29) - I would not trust any Redskins running backs.

·         Santonio Holmes (15) - He had his best game of the season last week with a whopping 4 for 60 yards and a TD, he is just not getting the opportunities.

·         Reggie Wayne (22) - Pierre Garcon seems to be Painter’s favorite.

·         Mike Williams (27) - Josh Freeman’s struggles are killing his production this year.

·         Lance Moore (32) - There are not enough footballs to go around, stay away until the next injury.

·         Julio Jones (36) –His will not play, get him out of your lineup.

·         Denarious Moore (39) –His play has fallen off the deep end, there has to be better options even in a bye week.

·         Owen Daniels (5)-Stay away from all Texans this week.




 Make sure you check your byes as the 2nd group of teams are off this week.  That is it for this week; we will be back early next week for the weekly free agent pickups and feel free to follow me on Twitter-dvond for any fantasy questions.


Fantasy Mike