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NFL Trade Rumors: Reggie Wayne

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, October 18. With less than a week to go, the rumor mill is heating up with all kinds of garbage. The latest rumor to surface is that Colts WR Reggie Wayne is on the block. 

Adam Schefter actually mentioned this in a Sports Center segment. However, he was not reporting it as news. It was one of those "deals that should happen" type of things. Schefter suggested a fourth-round pick in exchange for Wayne. For your reference, he also suggested Denver trade Brian Dawkins back to the Eagles. Poor Denver, the interwebs is breaking up that team. 

Reggie Wayne is old, for a football player. He turns 33 next month. In the hapless Colts' offense (not as hapless as the Rams offense, btw), Wayne has 22 receptions for 332 yards and one touchdown. Last year, with Manning at the helm, he had 111 receptions for 1,355 yards and half a dozen scores. He can still play, and a fourth-round pick would be a bargain to rent him for the rest of the season (he's a free agent next year). With Indy struggling, Wayne might very well be a trade option. 

But this is the NFL, and very few trades will actually come to fruition. Mark Clayton returns to the practice field next week, and that makes a WR trade less attractive for the Rams. Like I've said before, if they were going to do a deal (and I doubt they will), it makes more sense to get a cornerback, preferably one that can be added for the long term. Then again, in a passing league, teams aren't exactly ready to give those kinds of players away, even for an exorbitant haul of draft picks.