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Random Ramsdom: 10/13/2011


Yes my friends, It's time for links again. Hit the jump to get the linky goodness.



Bradford Needs a New Target

Why indeed he does! With Mark Clayton coming back soon, hopefully the Rams will get someone who can a) catch the ball and b) help Sam Bradford. The Rams could also be looking for someone else...

Brandon Lloyd on the Trading Block?

Ryan doesn't think it will happen, but you never know. Given how bad the Rams have played, the FO might be a little more aggressive. Second round picks don't grow on trees, but I'd hope someone in the Rams organization would understand the concept of haggling...

The Biggest Mismatch of the Year

When the Rams go to visit the Packers, the polar opposites of the league will collide. Hopefully, the Rams bye week will help them out, but the Packers are damn good. Just don't hurt any of our corners.

Rams Hoping Ron Hood Helps Secondary

I normally don't link to the official site, but this one seems worth it today. Ron Hood has been working hard to get up to speed, so I'm hoping the secondary can at least be respectable on Sunday.

Lance Kendricks Says It's a Special Sunday

That's because Kendricks is going home.In addition to that section of the article, it also appears Darrell Scott has returned to practice.


That's it for now people. Enjoy lunch.