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St. Louis Rams Roundtable: Predicting the Rams 2011 record.

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The Rams are currently 0-4. The chances of getting their first win in Green Bay vs. the undefeated Packers look bleak. However coming off the bye week, maybe the Rams can pull an upset against arguably the best team in the NFL.

However this week is just one game, with 11 weeks after this game. It will be an upward climb if the Rams want to get into the playoffs. in fact I'm sure no team has went from an 0-4 record  to win their division. The 49ers are currently leading the NFC West with 4 wins.

So I asked the Turf show times staff, what record do you think the Rams will finish with. Not one person said the Rams would be over .500.

The next round table discussion will be about, who will be the Rams number one Wide receiver  by the end of the year.

4-12... at best if Mark Clayton returns at full speed. We could be 1-15 or 2-14 if that does not happen.



3-12. Before the season, I thought we would win all of the games within the division. But now, I doubt we get past three, tops.

Eddie P

4-12. I really just pulled a number out of (edit) the air because at this point I have no idea if we're going to react to the bye week like we should. I really hope we turn this season around, but I doubt it.


5-11.  They'll have a bit of a bounce back when the Rams get Clayton back and since our schedule gets easier.  Huge disappointment after what we all were expecting at the start of the year.  I wonder if Spags will be able to keep his job after this year.

Brick Top


6-10. When you think about it, it isn't that far off from last year's 7-9 (Yes, my math skills are quite impressive). The schedule gets much easier when they start to play the NFC West, who besides San Fran. looks horrible.



6-10  We'll win Clev, Pitt, Cinn, one each against the division teams

Doug M

Four wins.

Ryan Van Bibber


Mike D

Who the hell knows. Obviously everything is pointing downward, and it's nearly impossible to see this team turning it around.  I'll go 5-11, but that's me just pulling numbers out of my bodily-attached seat cushion.


   Honestly, let's be real, how many of us had the Rams winning 10 games this year? Going into this year we knew that final record wouldn't necessarily mean the team has played bad. However, how bad the Rams have been playing and their current injury situation, the record has to go with the talent. I'll go 6-10.