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NFL Trade Deadline: Deals Unlikely To Save The St. Louis Rams

The NFL trade deadline might be the most antithetical marker in all of professional sports. Deals are few and far between, and the swaps that do happen rarely amount to more than making changes down the depth chart. Yesterday's trade to send New York Jets wide receiver Derek Mason to Houston legitimately qualifies as a blockbuster in terms of the NFL trade deadline, which is next Tuesday, October 18. 

An early season flop in the face of high expectations and a roster decimated with injuries, I keep getting questions about the possibility of the St. Louis Rams making a move. All I can say is, don't hold your breath. 

Earlier this week, we discussed the suggestion of the Rams dealing for Broncos' wide receiver Brandon Lloydwho does credit Josh McDaniels with turning around his career. But with Mark Clayton coming back, and the Rams pressed tightly against the salary cap, it's an unlikely scenario. Gil Brandt at suggests Lloyd as a potential trade chip between Denver and Carolina...for Jimmy Clausen (?!). 

Brandt also suggests Philly CB Dominqiue Rodgers-Cromarite as a potential trade item in a deal to salvage Philadelphia's defense. DRC and Asante Samuel are two players to keep an eye on as Philly is getting desperate. As you know, the Rams have a connection there, and GM Billy Devaney made a deadline deal to send LB Will Witherspoon there for Brandon Gibson in 2009. 

Devaney tried to make a deal last year for Vincent Jackson, but balked at paying San Diego's stupid asking price. Which is to say, that the Rams are not above considering some big deals. Of course, their prospects for the season looked much better at that point. DRC carries much less of a cap hit than Samuel, whose salary this year is almost $6 million. In August, the Eagles were said to be asking for two second-round picks in exchange for Samuel. It's not known whether or not they would move DRC, who would be a better fit for the Rams over the long-term at just 25-years-old. 

Like I said above, don't hold your breath when it comes to waiting for the Rams to make a trade. It just doesn't happen much in the NFL, and the Rams don't have much in the way of cap space, or options for clearing space, this year.