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TST Mailbag Oct. 12 Where do we go from here?

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Hey everybody it's time for another mailbag.  We get our questions from our Facebook page (LIKE US!!!) and me or Tevin pick out the best ones and answer them in the mailbag each week.  Let's get to 'em!

Alan Clayton I won't ask you about #86 again... at least not this week. On a serious note, what do you think the two new additions bring to the table? Also, is there anything to the Brandon Lloyd rumors, or is it just talk? Thanks.

The new players really don't bring much at all.  They were just brought in because we need some guys to fill positions.  The only new guy I can see having a significant impact is Ron Hood because he will actually get some playing time, but don't expect to see the others playing a huge role for the Rams.  Also there is nothing to the rumors.  All that happened was Evan Silva floated the idea out there on Twitter and people went crazy.  There is not a hint of evidence that the Broncos are even wanting to trade Lloyd or that the Rams would even be interested.  The bottom line is the Rams will not get Lloyd.

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And here's the weekly song for the mailbag.  Enjoy you some Blink.



Robert Buchanan III Is Mark Clayton playing?

No.  Players can't come off the PUP until after week 6.

Rafay Asrar Any chance the internally, the Rams outlook and goals for the season have changed?

There is a chance but I doubt it.  It is always been Spags style to take it one game at a time and just try to win that game.  Of course there was the goal of winning the division, but that seems unlikely now.

Ross McCooey Is Austin Pettis ready to become Wes Welker the third after Danny's gone on IR? Has the rookie shown enough mental toughness to get over Monday night in NY?

Maybe you mean Greg Salas?  Petitis didn't play against the Giants.  Right now both rookies WR are struggling (hey there rookies!) and right now it's hard to judge their mental toughness.

Douglas Eisele When is Josh Mcdaniels going to get his butt back in the booth?

He's never been in the booth so not this season.  A lot of OC prefer to be on the field.  There really seams to be no difference to me if a coordinator is in the booth or on the field. 

Zach Horwitz Do people realize Spags has a worse record through 35 games than Lineham?

Well if not, they do now. :)

Adnan Hüssaini With the Cardinals pushing for a World Series run, has any pressure been lifted off the Rams?

Not really.  The St. Louis media is never hard on the Rams, which is one of the problems with the team in my opinion.

Ross McCooey With Stan Kroenke demanding explanations after each loss, how long will it be until we see some sort of appreciable change in the way the team goes about business on gameday?

I don't think there will be much of a difference unless a coaching change occurs.  The team prepares for each game and goes out and plays to win.  Not sure what you mean about how the team goes about business?  The play calling perhaps?

David Lerch How short of a leash do we have on Spags if he goes 0-5?

I think he is safe until the end of the year, but if our record still sucks after that he might be replaced.

John Meyer Any chance the rams would take Andrew luck if they got the #1 overall really pick

They could pick him and trade him if they were in that position, but picking him to be on the team is highly unlikely.  I don't think the Rams be in that position so they may not have to worry about it.

Richard Duest ok Why does this team suck so bad put that in your mail bag...32 years of being a Rams fan and Im feed UP!!!!!!!

I don't think anyone can really answer you question, but it is a multitude of things.

Adnan Hüssaini What needs to happen to keep the Rams from moving to LA? Does a poor record influence anything?

Still don't think the Rams are going to LA.  The lease on the Dome doesn't end until 2014 and another team will be in LA by that time.  A poor record might actually make it less likely they move to LA, as LA would want a team to come in and be a contender right away.

Sergey Konyshev What are the chances Jabara gets to play more this season? Maybe when Clayton and (forgot name) DB both come back from the PUP and the fact that schedule gets a bit lighter after the pack game, that'll will re-energize the team

He might get more action later in the year, but right now he is nowhere near ready to play anything but ST.

Brandon Parks Is the new ownership demanding success or just satisfied with mediocrity like they usually seem to be

Kroenke wants to win.  Just look at the success of his other sport franchises.

Mike Tockgo Is it Bradford that looks horrible or is that due to the overpaid, underachieving offensive line?? Or that we don't have any wideouts? Maybe our dbs are so bad that we get into a hole, our offense can't establish our rythmn....that's probably why our offense looks so bad?? We have to throw the ball all the time, throws out the guessing game of our opponents defense....i got the solution! Maybe just maybe, fire the GM, for not realizing our weaknesses when everyone else did!!

Everything you said has made Bradford's play be worse this season, but there's one part you forgot, Sam Bradford himself.  He is not playing as well as he should and a lot of the mistakes are on him.  His accuracy hasn't been there consistently and he is holding on to the ball way to long.  Bradford needs to improve his own play as well as the rest of the offense does.

Alan Clayton How will our defensive strategy differ with Fletcher now being lost for the year? I assume Al Harris will be seeing a lot of the field.

It won't differ too much.  The only thing I think will change is the safeties won't be blitzed at much, due to the lack of quality corners.  Al Harris is a guy who I don't think can play many snaps in a game any more but his role will increase now that Fletcher is out.

That all the mailbag.  Thanks for the great questions.  PEACE!