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Random Ramsdom 10/13: Al Harris Never Forgets


Good mourning TST!  Today the Rams are still in practice preparing for their toughest game of the year against the undefeated Packers in Green Bay.  The Rams are almost two point underdogs according to our weekly picks spread, so to say it would be an upset if we win is a major understatement.  Let's get to the links.

Al Harris still bitter at Packers?

Al Harris last year was on the PUP for the Packers.  He said that GM Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy led him on to believe that he was still in the teams future, so he was shocked when they cut him in November.  Harris might also get his first start of the season, adding more interest to the situation.  Also Harris has said that he isn't worried about it, he just is treated it like it's a football game.  Still, there's  a huge difference in what someone is thinking and what they are saying.

Rams' woes on ST

Jim Thomas had a article that concentrated on how bad the STs are doing this year.  They are a unit that is flying under the radar and not being criticized as much, simply because the rest of the team is horrendous right now.  One of the biggest issues is the Rams don't have a reliable punt returner right now since Amendola went down.  We will have to see the STs get better as will the rest of the team for the Rams to get some wins.

Red means go

Derek Pease had a great piece on Rams Herd about the Rams red zone struggles this season.  Really nice piece check it out y'all.

WR Matchups

Jeff from Rams Gab had a list of the possible matchups for the Rams' defense on the Packers receivers.  To say it looks horrifying is an understatement.

That all I got for today.  Have a good one and GO RAMS!!